Future Topics
The future isn’t written, but it is heavily foreshadowed.

The Way Forward
In this, and future issues, we’ll tackle some topics that have been echoing curiously in recent weeks. Over six months (June through November), these topics will be poked and prodded until some mystic truths arise from the smoke.

Smart Machines
We’ve built machines that can “think.” Have we outsourced our ability to participate?

Distributed Society
The internet created new ways to communicate, bringing a far-flung humanity closer. What other ways do we globalize?

Privacy and Sunshine
As we have digitized our lives, the nature of privacy has changed. What is the value of privacy, and what can it become?

Robotics and Automation
Automation is a way for humans to multiply their efficiencies, but how do we know we’re multiplying the right things?

The digital space is flattened by the internet. Are lightweight flying robots a way to flatten physical space?

Economics, the study of scarcity, is a lens to view how we interact with what we have. How does economics hold up to the intangible and infinite?

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