What is this?

This is a blog about technology and its effects on humanity.

It’s a starting point; an open-ended work of speculative non-fiction. The goal of every post is the immaculate conception of a future that may not happen.


We won’t be breaking hot news stories. We click through hundreds of articles, each pointing at artifacts of culture. Each month, we pull some of those artifacts together into a theme, and set the stage for common threads to emerge.

In this way, we start from what is, and draw a bridge to what could be.
This is a similar tactic to science fiction: radically extrapolate out from the undercurrents of today.
It’s less about being sure about the future and more about wondering hard about the now.


In Buddhism, there’s the concept of pratityasamutpada, or interdependent co-arising, where an event comes up in the context of all other events before it, many times in parallel.

As this (likely naive) definition applies to technology and humanity: both exist together, and both change each other, and neither can exist without the other.


solveFor is based on open source intelligence, and uses no fillers, additives, or other mislabeled proprietary knowledge.
We are very selfishly opinionated – our opinions are ours, alone, and are not the opinion of any other entities, especially employers or clients.